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snake head
snake tail


  • 1. Have fun
  • 2. No more than 6 in one group
  • 3. All players hit their first shot Before a second shot is played
  • 4. 6 stroke limit per hole
  • 5. Please do not shout scream or laugh out loud
  • 6. Ball out of Bounds is replaced at point of exit with one penalty point
  • 7. Ball farthest from the hole to putt first
  • 8. Ball against rail or oBstacle may Be moved one putter head length
  • 9. Appreciate good players not fun players!
  • 10. Stay on the path and do not run
  • 11. Do not climB the rocks
  • 12. Do not enter the water
  • 13. No dogs allowed
  • 14. No smoking on the
  • 15. Have some more fun
  • 16. Children to Be supervised at all times
  • 1) This is an adventure golf course with water and rock features. As such there are many slip and trip hazards.
  • 2) Warning-Please watch your step. The uneven terrain that makes this course enjoyaBle can add to the risk of injury from falling. Play at your own risk.
  • 3) Slippery Surfaces when wet

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